Sheng-hua (Starry) Zhong

Personal Web Page

Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, ShenZhen University, China


Starry was first a visiting graduate student, and then a post-doc in the lab between 2012 and 2014. She's basically the Mary Poppins of computational visual cognition. That is to say, she seemed to find us and join the lab at just the right time, and she taught us to do just about everything better. Her main project, while here, involved building physiologically and behaviorally models of multiple object tracking. The first paper from this work is out now in JoV. With at least one more to come soon. 


Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain (w/Steven Luck)


GYB was a graduate student in the lab from 2009-2014. While here, he published under the handle 'Gi Yeul Bae.' In addition to many contributions to science, GYB made several important contributions to the lab. At VSS, he taught people how to fish from their hotel room balcony, and then how to clean and fry what they caught. He also taught everyone how to pack efficiently, and how to stay calm, no matter what.